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Organic Psyllium Husk - Whole 99% purity (260g)

Specialty of Product:

Cultivated in the optimal climatic and soil conditions of north India, CFO’s premium grade 99% purity organic psyllium husks are well processed to ensure the finest quality. Husk of the psyllium is the outer layer of its seed which gives a mucilage when soaked in water. It has been the primary source of both soluble and insoluble fibre that naturally support the gastrointestinal system and promote healthy elimination. Adding soluble fibres to your diet help in weight management by keeping you a feeling of fullness.


What does our psyllium husks mean to you?

  • Lighter colour
  • Purity of psyllium husk ranges from 85% to 99%. The lighter the colour, the higher the purity, and the better the quality of psyllium husk.

Least extraneous matter

  • <0.2% of heavy extraneous matter and <1% of light extraneous matter, our psyllium husk gives the least extraneous matter among all the purities.

Minimum 50% ml/g of swell volume

  • Fibres absorb a minimum 50 times of their own weight to form a gelatinous mass which increase the activity in bowel movement and sweep waste out of colon, thereby acting a better detoxifying agent.

More than just dietary fibres

  • Its nutritional value also consists of thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), magnesium and phosphorous. 

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Organic Psyllium Husk - Whole 99% purity (260g)

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