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Organic Spices Cinnamon Powder (60g) -11%

Organic Spices Cinnamon Powder (60g)

Supports healthy metabolic function Strengthens immune system (fight infections & viruses)&nbs..

RM8.90 RM7.90
Organic Spices Ginger Powder (60g) -11%

Organic Spices Ginger Powder (60g)

Best known as digestive aid - eases occasional indigestion & nausea  Eases menstrual pain..

RM8.90 RM7.90
Organic Spices Turmeric Powder (60g) -14%

Organic Spices Turmeric Powder (60g)

One of the most effective natural anti-inflammatory  Strengthens immune system Helps detoxi..

RM6.90 RM5.90