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Organic Golden Flaxseeds (250g)

CFO Flaxseed is slightly larger than sesame seed and has a hard shell that is smooth and shiny. The ..


Organic High-Protein Plain Wheat Flour (900g)

All country farm organic wheat flour is produced exclusively by Karahan Flour Mills in Turkey, where..


Organic Hulled Buckwheat (300g)

Energizing and nutritious, buckwheat is available throughout the year and can be served as an altern..


Organic Hulled Millet (500g)

Millet, like oat-bran and other grains, can also be also a healthy gluten-free option as well. One o..


Organic Javanese Coconut Sugar (250g)

Country Farm Organics Coconut Sugar originates from the lush Javanese landscape of the Indonesian ar..


Organic Muesli (350g)

Specialty of Product: The perfect combination of ORGANIC goodness Rolled Oat, Raisins,..


Organic Muscovado Sugar (400g)

CFO Muscovado (Molasses) Sugar is a soft, moist, fine-grained brown sugar. Fully packed with organic..


Organic Oat Bran (400g)

Specialty:Superior quality with high nutritional values Exclusive toasting process which o..

Organic Oils Flaxseed Oil (250ml) -57%

Organic Oils Flaxseed Oil (250ml)

Features:Cold-pressed from organically grown flaxseeds. Oil is   extracted by mecha..

RM36.90 RM15.90
Organic Oils Olive Oil Extra Virgin (250ml) -31%

Organic Oils Olive Oil Extra Virgin (250ml)

Extra virgin, cold-pressed and unrefined. "Extra virgin" is the highest grade for olive oi..

RM25.20 RM17.50
Organic Oils Sesame Seed Oil (250ml) -36%

Organic Oils Sesame Seed Oil (250ml)

Cold-pressed from organically grown sesame seeds. Oil is extracted by mechanical-pressed under low t..

RM25.20 RM16.20

Organic Original Yee Mee (300g)

Delicious, crispy fresh, lightly fresh A healthier Choice:     &nbs..


Organic Peanut Butter Crunchy - 375g

CFO Peanut Butter is imported from Australia. The specially handpicked organic peanut is lightly roa..