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Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (1L)

Country Farm Organics’ Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO) are imported from a renowned organic coconut oil suppliers in Philippines that has one of the best quality of coconut oil in the world.

  • Country Farm Organics’ EVCO is prepared from fresh matured kernel of the coconut meat which is organically harvested from the heartland of sprawling coconut plantation in Luzon island, Philippines.

  • Kernel is dried under a specific condition first before the oil is extracted using cold-pressed method, thereby to assure the highest quality of EVCO with a fresh coconut scent without any impurities.

  • Moisture content is kept under 0.1% in order to retain its freshness by preventing rancidity.

  • Optimum nutrients and antioxidants of EVCO are also well preserved through the state of the art manufacturing equipmen



Internally for Health

Externally for Beauty

  • Boost “healthy” cholesterol (known as HDL)

  • Contains 50% lauric acid, which aids in preventing various heart problems

  • Provides instant energy source as they are more easily absorbed and metabolised as fuel instead of being stored as fat.

  • Enhance antimicrobial and antiviral activity in the body acting as a natural remedy

  • Not easily oxidized and harder to go rancid due to high smoking point (comparing to olive oil)

  • Does not cause harmful free radical damage, which is responsible of increasing vulnerability to cancer disease

  • Provides protection to the area from external dangers such as dirt, fungi and bacteria when applied to open wounds

  • Speeds up the healing process when applied to bruises

  • Boost metabolic rate that aids in weight lost

  • Relieve constipation


  • Excellent massage oil found to penetrate deeply to provide nourishment and enrichment

  • Effective moisturizer on all types of skin

  • Delays the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of skin

  • Strengthen and thicken hair, conditions the scalps and promotes healthy growth

  • Reducing protein loss, which can lead to various unattractive or unhealthy qualities in your hair

  • Effective treatment of skin irritations such as diaper rash and athlete’s foot

  • Help with people who suffer from skin disorders such as acne, eczema and other skin infections


Ways to use coconut oil in the kitchen
  • In your daily cooking and baking routine

  • Lightly spread on toast

  • 1 tablespoon to your everyday morning beverage, whether its coffee, tea, smoothies or hot chocolate (Milo)

  • Choose to dig right in with a spoon and enjoy the benefits straight up!

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Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (1L)

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