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The sole purpose of an organic certification is to protect the integrity and trustworthiness of organic production and its product. By having a reliable inspection and certification system, it ensures that consumers are buying only genuine organic products.

Organic certification is an ongoing process that requires dedication as it is not about the yields per hectare but striving to maintain a healthy soil and ecosystem on the land it is grown by avoiding the use of anything that is foreign and harmful to nature such as chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Below are the certification that Country Farms carries that you may be familiar with;

Organic Certification by NASAA


Member of IFOAM Organics International

Certificate of Authentication Halal

All of Country Farm Organics products are subjected to very stringent quality control measures which meets international standards. In additional, Country Farm organics packaging plant and its warehouse is certified organic by NASAA Certified Organic of Australia (towards NOP and EU standards).


NASAA Certification

NASAA Certified Organic is an international organic agency and trade association that is committed to developing and maintaining international organic standard. NASAA determines whether a product is compliant to don the certified organic logo thought their stringent audit checks conducted on the processors. How to check whether it is 100% certify by NASAA?

1. Get the NASAA “Code” from the labels. i.e. 8162P
2. Visit NASAA website: NASAA Website
3. Key in the code at Reg. Number
4. Then, view the certified list of products.